Week of 10/10-10/16/16

A few groups are still working on getting started, but if you’ve begun research, be sure to update your team’s Google Drive Doc! This “Week in Review” we have 3 updates from San Marino, Beckman and Franklin.

San Marino has divided into two teams. One team is starting out by working on the Juice from Juice project and seeing what insights they can learn from studying TiO2 semiconductor with various dyes as light absorbers. Team “Magic Wand” is continuing last year’s work on electroplating. They made 1M solutions of NaH2PO2 [Sodium Hypophosphite], KH2PO4 [Potassium Phosphate Monobasic], and NiCl2 [Nickel (II) Chloride] that could be mixed in various combinations to make 8 new samples. These samples were electroplated onto FTO and will be tested at the next meeting.

The Franklin group is also divided into subteams, with each subteam picking 4 metal solutions they would like to work with. This week they reviewed calculations for generating the solutions and got to work mixing up solutions and storing them for future use in dropcasting.

Lastly, the Beckman HS team is tackling the common issue of flaky (and glittery) iron oxide spots. Instead of the 1M solutions they used last team, team members made 0.04M and 0.05M solutions in hopes that these will yield a better product. Other team members started work on using UV light exposure to help with making uniform spots, a technique developed by Oakwood last year and used by several others during the summer program. We’re hoping to write up the plans for the device so that any teams who wish can build their own ozone cleaning device. Comment below if you would be interested in such a device for your team!

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  1. The three Mayfield teams would be interested in building an ozone cleaner as well! Oakwood or Beckman High, would you be able to get in touch with us with the plans you used? Thanks!!


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