Week of 12/12-12/18

Only update this week is from San Marino‘s Blank Team. They tested last week’s plate (see last week for template), though there was a considerable coffee ring effect and mild flaking, especially the center of the “pure” Zn spots.

Spots are all green (starting), about same level. The 4  spots for “pure” Cu is very low (dark blue).  Another 75% Cu and 25% Zn spot is in the middle (lower than majority green bars, but higher than the “pure” Cu).  “Pure” Cu spots around 0.1 and 0.2V, and the majority green bars are around 2V. Run again and starts out blue with varying peaks, but then goes to about the same level of blue (slight green). “Pure” Cu is still relatively low (blue). They expect something as photoactive Cu to have good results, so need to look at the delta difference and figure out what happened.

They spotted a new plate using mixtures of Ni(NO3)2 and ZnSO4 and had Cu(NO3)2 and FeNO3 controls.  Each spot is 10 microliters, 0.1 M concentration of each solution.  They will test this plate after winter break.


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