Funding for the Juice from Juice program provided by NSF


Thank you to Prof. Nate Lewis for the initial idea and Dr. Mike Walters, Dr. Qixi Mi,  Deborah Hawks and Gurupreet Khalsa for developing the initial experiments and lesson plans. Thank you to Dr. Mike Rose for the idea for the water splitting kit and Dr. Astrid Mueller for the gummy bear and laser experiment.

Special thank you to Annelise Thompson who spent countless hours revising all of the lessons to align with NGSS. She helped develop the new road map, wrote important background information and analysis questions for all 4 lessons, and painstakingly formatted the lessons to make them beautiful, informative, and easy to read.

Thank you to Matt McInchak and the rest of the Arbor Scientific staff for being wonderful, generous collaborators- helping to improve the Juice from Juice kits and expand the reach of the program.

To all the mentors, researchers, and teachers who have worked on the Juice from Juice project over the years and molded the program into what it is today- our sincerest gratitude for your help and support.